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Dacia 1300 Tuning

luni, 24 august 2009

Ok let's add some description.
This car have:
-lowered wing
-gold accesories
-custom mesh grill
-custom headlights
-custom bodykit
-blue paint
-custom wheels
-tinted windows
-JMS StreetClub sticker
-carbon fibre hood and mirrors
Other things:
-desert backdrop

Sorry about any imperfection i'm not a pro!!!
Hope u like it!!!

Porsche Cayenne DUB

miercuri, 19 august 2009

See yourself what modification i have maded to this car!

Subaru Impreza XTune Die-Cast model

marți, 11 august 2009

Sorry but i don't have taken pictures of construction process!

Dodge Challenger & Ford Mustang: Dragon Tuning

duminică, 2 august 2009

Well lets add some description!
Dodge Challenger have:
-custom sideskirts
-custom front and back splitter
-custom wheels
-custom headlights
-custom mesh grill
-carbon fibre mirrors and hood
-custom 2 tone pj:blue+yellow and dragon tatoo
Ford Mustang have:
-custom mesh grills
-custom wheels
-2 tone pj:blue+yellow
Other things:

Sorry about any imperfectin i'm not a pro!!!
Hope u like it!!!

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