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Mercedes Vito Tuning

joi, 26 februarie 2009

This car have:
-carbon fibre hood and parts
-custom mesh grilles
-custom rims
-mixed paint + pj
-aduio kit

Hope u like it!!!

Audi S5 Tuning

duminică, 22 februarie 2009

This car have:
-custom exhausts
-custom rims
-gray paint with an pj
-carbon fibre trunk and hood
-ajustable spoiler

Hope u like it!!!

My drawings

sâmbătă, 21 februarie 2009

 <-Ford Model T

 <-Mustang Concept

 <-Chevy Concept pick-up

 <-Subaru Impreza

<- Mercedes & Ferarri

 <-NASCAR accident

 <-Dodge Charger SRT8

 <-Pontiac GTO

  <-Mazda RX-7 Drift

Let me tel ya about how I started to draw cars.
When I was young I started to draw different cars.
My first perfect car was an Mercedes ,but I don't have
the image :(.With years I have progresed with drawing cars.
I wish one day to be a car designer .

Hope u like my hand drawed cars !!! Cya

Dacia Logan Facelift Drag Edition

miercuri, 18 februarie 2009

This car have:
-dragster wheels
-custom mesh grill
-900 hp engine :D :P
-tinted windows
-ble paint with paintjob
-choped half secton of the car to make it PICK-UP

Hope u like it!!!

Seat Toledo Rainbow

sâmbătă, 14 februarie 2009

This car have:
-ASA rims
-Seat logo decal and seat car decal
-racing spoiler
-custom rear bumper with Apex exhaust
-lovely blue paint
-rainbow paintjob and neon
-tinted windows

Sorry about any imperfection  ,i'm not a pro in making vt.
Hope u like it !!!! Especialy BLOXBLOGGER.
Thanks and Cya!!!

Giurgiu Customs

joi, 12 februarie 2009

This is an wallpaper wich i have made.
I'm from this town named GIURGIU.
Well it ins't good but is a little bit.
Also if you need information about my town
search on Google   Giurgiu-Romania.

Hope u like it !!!

Mazda RX-8 Drifting

miercuri, 11 februarie 2009

This car have:
-Carbon fibre hood, bumper and parts
-tinted windows
-drift wheels
-tiger and dragon paint job
-green paint

This car don't have:
-smoke on wheels because i don't know how to do it.I have
tried but i don't make it

Hope u like it !

Volkswagen Golf II by me

duminică, 8 februarie 2009

This car have:
-custom rear bumper with twin exhaust
-custom audio set in trunk
-custom taillights
-romanian number plate
-custom wheels
-yellow paint + a paint job
-blue neon

Hope u like it and sorry about any imperfection!!!


vineri, 6 februarie 2009

This car have:
-DUB rims
-ZEX nitrous,Sparco,JL audio  decals
-custom paint job
-green paint
-camouflage interior + 2 blue Sparco seats
-N2O gauges
-diamond chain
-JL audio subwoofers
-ZEX boost bootle with cable injected into the engine

Hope u like it and sorry for any imperfection!!!

Rolls Royce Custom

luni, 2 februarie 2009

This car have:
-custom green and chrome paint
-romanian number plate
-custom mesh grill
-tinted windows
-west coast customs  subwoofer and amplifier
-camouflage seats ,parts and sparco sabelt
-stereo headphone
-black rim

Hope u like it ! :D :P

Nissan Skyline GTR R3 Drift Edition

duminică, 1 februarie 2009

Hope u like it! Thx :D

KTM Factory

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